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3D Laser Scanning For Crime Scenes

Forensic Science Consultants offers the only training program on
how to use a 3D Scanner for crime scene



Sample shooting scene from GUNSITE using trajectory back extrapolation:
Shots fired into a Jeep Cherokee from three separate locations


How accurate can we be?
Is your agency attempting ISO 17025 accreditation?

If so, most of the hard work has already been done in establishing a method of validation and accuracy assessment.

As a member of an accredited laboratory, Michael Haag has insights that can guide you through your ISO/ASCLD process.


A portion of the validation process for the use of 3D scans in trajectory analysis

A snapshot of the scans used in a validation of the ScanStation 2 as a trajectory measurement device



If your agency is in need of training or information regarding the use, capabilities,
and specialized products that can be generated using a 3D laser scanning,
contact Forensic Science Consultants. Michael Haag has extensive
training in the use of the Leica ScanStation scanners.

He has also published and presented papers detailing how these revolutionary tools
can open new doors in crime scene investigation (particularly shooting scene reconstruction)
and courtroom presentation of scenes. Presentations have been given by
Michael Haag regarding trajectory analysis, validation of the use of scanning
in crime scene measurement, validation of scanning for use in trajectory
measurement, and post blast (VBIED) scanning.


Forensic Science Consultants can help you with answers regarding:

1) Capabilities of 3D Scanners in forensic science

2) Training users for the purposes of crime scene investigation

3) Specialized training in shooting scene reconstruction
with 3D laser scanners

4) Validation of 3D scanners for crime scene and trajectory use

5) Understand the types of products that scanning can allow you to present rapidly



A partial list of agencies currently using 3D scanning at crime scenes:

Albuquerque Police Deptartment
California Department of Justice (Cal DOJ)
California Highway Patrol (CHP)
City of New York - Office of the Coroner/ME
Killeen Police Department
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept
Metropolitan Police Department - Washington D.C.
Pennsylvania State Police
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Puerto Rico Institute of Forensic Science
San Antonio Police Department
Savannah-Chatham Police Department





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